We started with small sites, we then moved to medium ones. If your site is big and heavily attacked once in a while, you've come to the right place.

We started hosting websites in November 2004. Back then, they didn't go past 100 Mb. Now we host and manage websites of 40 Gb or more. Sites that are receiving DDOS attacks, floods or any other type of attacks. We tweak each server to our customer's needs so that all their sites load fast and have no unscheduled downtime.

No shared accounts

We unfortunately no longer offer shared hosting accounts, unless you're a web development client of ours. This is because we focus on delivering high quality solutions to our client base.

Premium hosting only

This includes hosting for virtual servers, dedicated servers, clustered servers, audio or video streaming server and more.

All our servers are Unix based, so we therefor do not host any Microsoft Windows servers, technologies or websites. If you'd like to host a site with us that uses a specific technology or custom system, then go ahead and request a quote. We even deal with sites that get DDOS, floods or other types of attacks. Get a quote now.

Guaranteed uptime

We have great uptime! If for some reason your site is down and it is our fault or our partner's fault you will get your money back* for the downtime.

Please note that we do not offer any compensations if our servers don't have connectivity issues or their services run within norm and the site is down due to your actions. If your site is DDOSed or flooded and you haven't opted for protection against such attacks, your site may be even shut down to prevent harm to other clients. If you opted for such protection, you will receive credit for your next billing cycle.

* — usually in the form of credit for your next billing cycle.

Request a hosting quote.
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